NoteTrader was created to dispose of excess NPL and reduce the “tail risk” associated with large NPL pools.  The trading platform completed hundreds of trades, disposing of excess inventory to smaller buyers of NPL at premium prices.

In the complex landscape of Cuban real estate investment, numerous challenges arise for foreign investors. The intricacies of acquiring property and identifying secure locations become formidable tasks without a comprehensive understanding of local infrastructure and future tourism trends. Positioned as a guiding partner, 90-Mile Capital by Guardian Capital addresses these challenges. The company strategically collaborates … Read more

Home Guardian is committed to helping homeowners in financial turmoil and solve mortgage challenges for financial institutions. The organization creates fair and sustainable solutions that preserve the dream of home ownership and stabilize the economy with a mission to provide homeowners with mortgage solutions and banks with liquidity.   By being well capitalized and having the … Read more

JumpForward stands as a pinnacle in technology solutions for University Athletics, offering best-in-class products utilized by over 150,000 users across 175 college athletic departments. Widely adopted department-wide, JumpForward’s suite streamlines campus communications and operations, catering to a diverse array of stakeholders, including coaches, compliance staff, student athletes, financial aid, registrars, development, admissions, marketing, ticket offices, … Read more

Marina Capital is driven by a commitment to foster thriving marine communities while maximizing the potential of marina investments. As one of the nation’s largest Marina Funds, their mission is to continue an aggressive expansion, acquiring and managing marinas and boat slips. Their goal is twofold: provide marina owners with a seamless opportunity to sell … Read more

Liquidity Partners is a frontrunner in real estate securities investment management. The arbitrage Fund focuses on investing in illiquid non-traded REITs (“NTRs” a market exceeding $300 billion that has faced material liquidity challenges due to sponsor error and sponsor friendly investment terms that prevent the shareholder from getting any return of capital.  The Fund executes … Read more


The PE-backed property management rollup is dedicated to delivering an unprecedented tenant experience, encompassing lightning-fast maintenance, keyless access, seamless package delivery, and optimal tenant/building interaction – all while crafting an authentic building community as unique as the residents. With a strong focus on technology, all stakeholders will benefit from streamlined processes, enhanced efficiencies, and data-driven … Read more

The mission at Livly is to revolutionize the property management industry by providing innovative technology solutions that simplify and enhance the tenant experience. The company is dedicated to creating seamless, efficient, and personalized experiences for residents, property managers, and building owners alike.  The vision at Livly is to be the leading provider of smart building … Read more

Guardian Properties creates exceptional living experiences for residents, while fostering vibrant, sustainable communities. Their dedication to innovation and technology enables them to enhance resident engagement, optimize smart access control, and deliver smart apartments that set new benchmarks in comfort, security, and convenience. As a vertically integrated real estate company, Guardian Properties is committed to delivering … Read more