Anchor Trolleys offers unique historic tours that bring the rich heritage of Fernandina Beach to life. Additionally, their private transportation services for corporate events and weddings have made countless occasions seamless and memorable.  By bringing Anchor Trolleys into the Guardian Capital family, we aim to support and expand their services, continuing to make a positive … Read more

Create a private label cosmetics line or hire Colorlab Cosmetics for custom cosmetic manufacturing. This unique cosmetics company can help start a new business or grow an existing one. For Colorlab Cosmetics, Guardian acquired the bank debt and structured a favorable forbearance agreement for the management team to stabilize the business.  We later invested additional growth … Read more

Remezcla is an American media company focusing on the Latin American cultural sphere. It serves the millennial market and originated as a grassroots initiative, bringing together writers and creatives who shared a common perspective. Their collective belief centered on the untold stories of new Latin music, culture, and events that were overlooked by traditional Latin media. … Read more

Since 1995, Data Refinery® has been quickly transforming large information sets into quality, actionable information ready for further analytics as well as immediate corporate decision making. A leader in systems software and services for over two decades, Data Refinery® brings ease to data collection, processing, and presentation.

When Grin was launched in 2017, the company observed the challenges faced by influencer marketing teams in achieving their goals. The collaboration process between brands and influencers was hindered by middlemen, such as marketplaces and networks. In response to this issue, Grin introduced Authentic Influencer Marketing in 2018. The primary goal was to empower brand … Read more

Mad Tasty was born out of a journey driven by a passion for maximizing performance, achieving mental clarity, and promoting body hydration. The founder’s traditional daily beverage ritual, dominated by excessive coffee consumption and inadequate water intake, prompted a quest for a refreshing and health-conscious alternative. The search for a beverage that combined the refreshing … Read more

Torch Capital is a dedicated investment firm with a focus on brand-centric initiatives, designed to guide the emergence of the next generation of mission-driven consumer companies that are poised to transform industries. Our investments span consumer platforms, products, and services across a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare, fintech, food & beverage, digital media, e-commerce, … Read more

Discover brand new, ready-to-wear collections by designer Peter Dundas. Timeless, season-less, women\’s designer clothing. Gorgeous gowns, mini dresses, accessories, jumpsuits, skirts, tops, bottoms, shorts, shirts and more. Bold styles pushing the boundaries of world fashion, remaining classic and relevant

Eddie Lou is dedicated to recognizing exceptionally talented founders who possess transformative ideas and the determination to bring them to fruition. The company aims to identify individuals with unique skills and secrets, partnering with them at the inception stage. Eddie Lou invests both time and capital throughout the entire lifespan of the founders’ companies, with … Read more

Better Ventures has been actively investing in companies with a mission-oriented focus since 2011. They establish strong convictions in the early stages of venture development, providing financial support ranging from $500K to $1.5M during the pre-seed and seed stages. Additionally, they reserve funds for follow-on investments at Series A and beyond. The company’s approach involves … Read more

For those in search of kitchen essentials or delightful meals to fulfill their cravings, Quicklly serves as a convenient destination, offering a comprehensive selection for South Asian and Indian cuisine. As the premier one-stop marketplace in the nation, Quicklly provides access to a diverse array of Indian grocery ingredients, tiffins, catering services, Indian meal kits, … Read more

Solis Health provides patients and caregivers with the necessary information and assistance to navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape.