Special Situations

Guardian makes both minority and controlling investments and delivers active management support to small companies in special situations, to achieve a sustainable increase in enterprise value and long-term value for investors.

The team’s entrepreneurial and flexible approach to turnarounds facilitate custom-tailored solutions that align our interests with existing management and stakeholders for mutual success. The following case studies highlight both strategic growth capital and turnaround examples:

Guardian structured a joint-venture with Roy Houff’s existing management to acquire its bank debt and execute a turnaround of the regional wholesale flower distributor.  Ultimately, the operation was closed, and the real estate was liquidated, which led to an attractive return for all stakeholders.

Guardian structured a bridge loan for Remezcla to fund the business while negotiating an $11M investment from Hemisphere Media. The business was later sold.

Guardian acquired Colorlab Cosmetics’ bank debt and structured a favorable forbearance agreement for the management team to stabilize their business.  Guardian later invested additional growth capital to facilitate a turnaround of the business and successfully exited at an attractive equity multiple.

Colorlab Cosmetics

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Roy Houff Flower Company

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