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Property Management

Launched in 2023, Guardian co-founded Proper XPM, an industry leader in technology enabled, experiential property management (XPM).

Backed by $4 billion in Private Equity support and powered by leading-edge PropTech (Livly), Proper is uniting property management companies through a nationwide rollup that is redefining the industry. 

Proper XPM is committed to delivering an unprecedented tenant experience, streamlined building operations, and increased NOI for property owners.



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As a leader in Proptech investment, Guardian co-founded Livly, with a mission to revolutionize the property management industry by providing innovative technology solutions that simplify and enhance the tenant experience. The company is dedicated to creating seamless, efficient, and personalized experiences for residents, property managers, and building owners alike. The vision at Livly is to be the leading provider of smart building technology solutions that elevate the quality of life for residents, streamline operations for property managers, and create value for building owners. The goal is to transform the traditional rental experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve communication, streamline workflows, and enhance the overall tenant experience.