Distressed Debt & Note Trading

Distressed Debt

Home Guardian was formed in 2008 to capitalize on the dislocation of the residential housing market in the Great Financials Crisis. Home Guardian became one of the largest buyers of non-performing loans (NPL) and real estate owned (REO) in the country with a portfolio of over 5,000 first liens and 20,000 second liens, in addition to tens of thousands of unsecured liens and judgments.

Home Guardian was fortunate to structure multiple separate investment funds that purchased over $200 million through partnerships with both Javlin Capital and Walton Street Capital.

The company obtained all necessary licenses to manage loan servicing in-house by securing branch offices of with both FCI Lender Services and SN Servicing. By vertically integrating all operations, Home Guardian was able to streamline its workout process and drastically reduce both time and costs while also maximizing loan resolution proceeds.  Home Guardian also created a joint-venture with Guaranty Solutions to identify and monetize its pool of judgments.

Home Guardian

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Note Trading

NoteTrader was created to dispose of excess NPL and reduce the “tail risk” associated with large NPL pools.  The trading platform completed hundreds of trades, disposing of excess inventory to smaller buyers of NPL at premium prices.

Banks we completed trades with: