Guardian formed “90 Mile Capital” in 2020 to initiate in the process to obtain the necessary approvals to do business in Cuba from both the United States and Cuba. 90 Mile Capital and subsidiaries seek to invest in Cuban real estate and tourism-related assets by acquiring shares in Cuban joint venture companies or other entities that own the underlying properties.

The Company also has an established partnership with SVN Cuba to identify and facilitate large-scale real estate brokerage opportunities for international investors.

Brian and his wife both have a deep network in Cuba and a personal passion for assisting in the revitalization of Cuba after the policy failures of the US and the 60+ year failed embargo have material nefarious consequences for Cuban citizens. Brian’s grandfather ran multiple businesses in Cuba for over thirty years when he lived there up until the revolution. Brian’s wife, Jessica, is a first generation Cuban American and has extensive family still living on the island.

90-mile Capital

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