Liquidity Partners

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Liquidity Partners is a frontrunner in real estate securities investment management. The arbitrage Fund focuses on investing in illiquid non-traded REITs (“NTRs” a market exceeding $300 billion that has faced material liquidity challenges due to sponsor error and sponsor friendly investment terms that prevent the shareholder from getting any return of capital. 

The Fund executes tender-offers on REITs to directly offer stockholders liquidity for their security.  Liquidity Partners leverage advanced technology to facilitate a smooth, efficient transaction. 

Acknowledged for its exemplary customer service, transparent fee structures, and prompt payment to sellers, Liquidity Partners has established itself as a leading provider of liquidity to the NTR industry. Multiple REITs have designated Liquidity Partners as their “preferred” liquidation platform for investors, a recognition noted by Computershare and DST Vision.

Investment Details

Initial Investment Date: 2018
Status: Current